A Career at eMerge

eMerge Technologies is a modern office environment where the technically savvy and creatively inclined can thrive! We provide a loose but guided approach to improving our employees technical and communication skills. Our focus is on improving the life for modern business through technology. We work on many leading cloud technologies including enterprise integration, eCommerce, ERP, CRM, and learn. Our team will always be working on cutting edge technology and developing skills that keep them competitive in the field of enterprise tech.

Our mission is push the boundaries of enterprise software using nothing but our creative wit, knowledge, and teamwork. As we grow, we look to add on more creative, talented, and technically inclined teammates to help us fulfill our mission at a greater scale. Learn more about the eMerge culture and staff and find out if you have what it takes to join our growing family!


Culture & Environment

We maintain a culture that is fixated on finding creative and modern solutions for businesses. Our employees love problem solving and thinking out of the box. Our office is an open and friendly environment that encourages sharing and communication.

Learning & Development

Our approach to developing our employees is a loose but guided mentorship approach. Employees will have their own time to research and develop their skills as well as have access to more experienced employees and real world projects to reinforce lessons. Our development approach is a mixture of rigid waterfall techniques and more modern Agile ideas.

Vacation & Benefits

eMerge understands sometimes a break is needed! That is why we provide our employees with plenty of time off during the year. eMerge employees are granted vacation and flex time as well as time off for eMerge Holidays. Our employees also enjoy a full range of health, dental, and even tuition reimbursement benefits!

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