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Our plan to support our local communities and those impacted by COVID-19.


We had to do something...

COVID-19 has made an impact on us all. In these unprecedented times, we knew something had to be done. The question for us was not one of “how” we could help, but instead “how far” our help could reach.

We are introducing the #CloudCommUNITY movement. #CloudCommUNITY is a way to organize members of the cloud technology community, and their users, in a way that helps as many people and businesses impacted by COVID-19 as possible.

We want to reach the communities important to you, because as they say, in UNITY there is STRENGTH. Join our pledge to donate a % of your revenue to one of our causes, or join our marketplace to offer your discounted services to businesses in need. There are plenty of ways to get involved. We are excited to see the reach this movement makes as time goes on.

So we challenge you: Stand with us, and make a difference. #CloudCommUNITY ”

5% Pledge

COVID-19 has impacted so many of us that it is hard to decide which cause to support. That is why we need your help! We pledge to donate 5% of revenue to a charity or foundation of our clients choosing.

Small Business Marketplace

COVID-19 has unfairly impacted our most vulnerable businesses. We want to make sure they have all the resources they need to stay in the fight. So, we the created the #CloudCommUNITY, a group of cloud software vendors and advocates who care about small businesses, and are willing to offer services or support for their needs during this tough time.

Join the #CloudCommUNITY Movement Today!