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NetSuite Consultants from eMerge Technologies are ready to advise you on any part of your NetSuite Journey. From NetSuite implementation consulting and beyond we can provide value to your organization.

NetSuite Consultant Services

Need advice from experience NetSuite consultants? eMerge Technologies has NetSuite experts on standby ready to help you with all of your NetSuite needs. We can help you solve a number of problems by leveraging our vast experience of over 50 years with the NetSuite platform.

With our collection of developers, architects, accountants, and business consultants we can advise you in any situation, whether you need functional, technical, or solutions consulting.

At eMerge, we call ourselves "The Suite Spot" partly due to the optimal mix of experts we bring to the table.

eMerge provides our NetSuite consulting services based out of Orlando, Florida but we have customers all across the United states.

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NetSuite Consulting for Every Stage

Wherever you are in your NetSuite journey, we’re here for you


Is NetSuite for you? We’ll break down the functions and features, and even negotiate you a better price

NetSuite Implementation

Setting up NetSuite for optimal ROI is a critical step. Let our experienced specialists take the lead


Let us check all the relays and make sure all the pieces are in place before you flip the switch


Let our 50+ years of NetSuite-specific experience help you make the best decision on how to upgrade

NetSuite Implementation Consultants

Use our experience to guide your next software investment

Is NetSuite Right for us?

NetSuite is the number one ERP for most businesses, we can make sure it fits your individual needs

What Other Platforms Go Well with NetSuite?

Once you have placed NetSuite as your ERP and main system of record, other solutions become more or less viable

How Do I Purchase NetSuite?

We can start the process with NetSuite and even help you beat list price

Which NetSuite Modules/Add-ons Do We Need?

We can help you find out which requirements NetSuite natively meets for you and what additional modules you'll needs

Functional NetSuite Consulting

Use our experience to guide your implementation or reconfiguration

Is Our NetSuite Configuration Optimal?

A lot of consideration and skill goes into a fully optimized configuration, we can easily spot inefficiencies

Can you help us with reconfiguration?

Yes! Reconfigurations are common as new NetSuite users are overwhelmed by the possibilities! Let us guide you

Can you help us with Implementation?

Yes! We love to help NetSuite users implement their NetSuite system for maximum ROI

What if We Get Stuck?

eMerge Technologies can stick around to make sure you stay moving forward and sticking to best practices

Technical NetSuite Consulting

Use our technical expertise to guide your customization and integration decisions

Build Or Buy?

Depending on your needs you may not have to reinvent the wheel, but if you do, well be here to help

Custom or Native?

Meeting your needs could mean native, third-party, or custom built applications. We'll help you figure it out

Do We Need An Integration?

Is it worth it to get this integration? If the ROI doesn't add up it may not be. We'll help you do the math

Can This Be Done With NetSuite?

Yes, at the Suite Spot, anything is possible with NetSuite. If you can imagine it, we can do the rest

Why Work with eMerge?

We Have the Expertise

Together the eMerge Team combines for 50+ years of NetSuite experience. With 30 + Full Implementations and hundreds of successful integration and customization projects under our belt

The Right Mix of Talent

Under one roof we have compiled the perfect team to tackle all of your NetSuite needs. The eMerge Team includes: CPA's, Developers, Enterprise Architects, and Subject Matter experts all trained and experienced with NetSuite.

We Have Standards

You don't survive in any industry for 18 years without putting pride into your work. eMerge handles your needs with professionalism and courtesy from the moment you join the our family. The eMerge standards guide our daily tasks and interactions all to ensure the customers satisfaction is kept to the highest level possible.

A Unique Experience

We understand the struggles of our customers. Working with complex financial tools can be draining and stressful. We strive to be positive, accessible, and helpful. You will always feel heard and appreciated as an eMerge customer.

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Learn More About eMerge

eMerge Technologies has been involved with NetSuite consulting and implementations for almost as long as NetSuite has been around. For 18 years and counting, eMerge Technologies has been providing top-of-the-line NetSuite services for our customers.

eMerge hopped on the cloud bandwagon early and saw its potential for transforming the way many people engage with their business and their data. It wasn't just cloud that caught our eye, it was NetSuite itself. A flexible framework that allows for maximum innovation inside and outside of the office. And today, we are so proud to continue to work on the greatest Cloud ERP and interact with a community that has grown beyond even our expectations.


eMerge got its start as a NetSuite Consultant in a different way than most companies. Back in the early 2000s, eMerge founder and current CEO Herb Joseph was a new father. Most of the enterprise software at the time was "on-premise." "On-premise" projects would force Herb away from his family for long stretches of time just when they needed him most.

Working with NetSuite and cloud-based technologies did not force Herb away from his family and was actually the more efficient use of everyone's time. It was around that time Herb committed himself to the cloud and opened up a NetSuite consultant firm right here in Orlando, Florida. By being among the first to embrace cloud solutions for their many upsides, we have helped shape a world that is more productive yet allows people to spend more time with those that they love. In short, eMerge is different because we care. We push forward with this technology because we believed early on that it can change the world. And we set out to help make that happen.

There are a number of reasons we refer to ourselves as "The Suite Spot", our unique mix of talent, our focus NetSuite, but above all, it is because we believe we care just a little bit more than everyone else.

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