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Are you looking for a comprehensive NetSuite support plan that covers all of your needs but also is flexible enough to grow with your business? eMerge Technologies offers a proactive support solution that is designed to maximize the amount of value it provides to its users while also providing a light footprint on their budget.

eMerge proactive support plans are designed around the business quarter. In which we have time to assess urgent needs, plan, and then act on medium to long-term goals. And with flexible terms and options, users can decide how much support they want and how fast they want to access it. To learn more about eMerge support plans contact us today.


Choose the Amount of Support You Need

30 Hours Per Business Quarter

60 Hours Per Business Quarter

90 Hours Per Business Quarter

Custom Plan

eMerge Support Features

Tailored Plans

eMerge's approach to each client is unique and based on their specific goals and needs.

Full-Service Support

eMerge's team can provide help with business process optimization, custom scripting, configuration, administration, integration, and more

NetSuite Experts

eMerge has been in business for over 20 years, has over 20 years of NetSuite manufacturing experience, and over 100 years of total NetSuite experience on the team

The Right Amount of Commitment

Plans are termed and designed around a business quarter. We create tasks, goals, and milestones to be completed within each quarter to provide structure and accountability

Proactive Philosophy

eMerge support plans are proactive. We look at long term goals and provide advice and resources to help you meet those goals.

Responsive Support

During emergencies, eMerge plans provide assistance as quickly as possible. If your business is being disrupted we will be providing assistance within hours.

Flexible and Competitive Pricing

eMerge plans are a competitive option compared to NetSuite ACS and other partner support plans. eMerge plans are also flexible to provide only an amount of support that makes sense for your business.

US-Based Resources

All eMerge support resources are based inside of the United States. No meetings at odd times or communication barriers.

No Shuffling Resources

eMerge clients are provided with the same team of resources for the duration of their time with eMerge. The team will get to know your business and provide tailored value and guidance just for you.

NetSuite Support FAQ

eMerge NetSuite support plans leave nothing off the table. Our plans include, configuration, integration, scripting, and training. eMerge plans are even proactive in their approach, providing help with upgrades and optimizations. 

eMerge response times decrease with the urgency of our client's needs. While all response times can be measured in hours, emergency response times can be measured in minutes. If your business has been ground to a halt, eMerge will be by your side helping you get things back on track. 

eMerge support plans are sold in hourly blocks that span over a period of three months or a business quarter. If a client would need more support over a three-month span, eMerge would bill the client for "Surge Hours." Surge hours are billed at a discounted rate than normal eMerge hours.

eMerge understands that the first line of support comes from internal users. That is why as part of our support plan we offer to train internal users to empower them to deal with the day-in and day-out challenges of managing NetSuite.

Yes! If your business needs to bring data in from one of its legacy systems, eMerge would be happy to help. Users can leverage our vast technical experience to migrate in the most cost-effective manner possible. 

Yes! eMerge has been helping NetSuite users with integrations for years. We can help you maintain, optimize, and even build new integrations between your favorite applications. 

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