The Suite Spot Story

In 2002, eMerge Technologies founder and current CEO, Herb Joseph, properly framed the Cloud VS On-Premise dilemma.

"Which one lets me see my family every night?"

At eMerge Technologies, we fight for cloud technology like NetSuite and other forward-thinking platforms because we see, first hand, how much they impact the relationships with those around us.

Cloud technology keeps families together, friends in touch, and provides flexibility that was never before known in corporate environments.

The promises of cloud-based technologies are real benefits to the standard of living of working people all across the world, and eMerge Technologies strives to see them come to fruition every day.

The Suite Spot Way

How have we managed to continue fulfilling our mission for 17 years? Our values guide our methods and keep us focused on what matters!

Clients Come First

Solving problems for our customers is why we come to work every day. It is our first priority and we drill that mentality into our business processes

Respect, Kindness, and Integrity

We understand technical problems are tedious and tensions are running high for our clients. That is why we always maintain high levels of respect and integrity and emphasize kindness with every interaction. At the end of the day, we're here to provide relief to people as soon as possible

Lead with Passion

There is a whole world of possibilities out there, if you can do anything you want, make sure you're doing something you care about. Our passions for technology, problem-solving, and social connection is the reason why we're The Suite Spot and not anything else

Trust Your Teammates

It's beyond a cliche at this point to say how much teamwork matters to make anything worthwhile happen, but at eMerge Technologies we learned to rely on each other and it has been paying off for 17 years

Rigorous Self-Investment

At eMerge Technologies, seeking additional training and certification is always encouraged, paid for by eMerge Technologies, and celebrated once achieved. We know how fast the technology industry moves, staying up to date with the latest developments is a must

The Team