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Let us help you organize and speed up your NetSuite experience.

Organize and Optimize your NetSuite Environment

It’s common for NetSuite users to customize their configurations over time. Often there are environments with added custom records, scripts, saved-searches, and fields, and depending on the party that added them and when, it is hard to determine the status of which they are utilized or needed.

If left unchecked, these additions to the NetSuite environment can disorganize, complicate, and slow down the functional and technical experience for any organization.

With the right team and tools behind it, a NetSuite Health Check will help you document, organize, and clean-up your NetSuite environment to enable your business to run at peak efficiency.

Health Check Features

Script Default ID Summarization
Field Description Help and Optimization
Saved-Search Clean-Up
User Management Optimization
Unused Customization Clean-up
Unused Script Clean-up
Script Optimization (Make Sure Scripts are Running Only When Needed)
Managing and Identifying Inactive Owners

Health Check Process


We discuss your pain points and problems with your NetSuite experience.


eMerge experts use an industry leading application to crawl, map, and document your NetSuite configuration.


eMerge experts will examine your configuration and look for unused customizations and optimizations opportunities.

Debrief and Results

eMerge will present you with a PDF document that highlights all of the unnecessary customizations and changes we suggest to improve your Netsuite experience.

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